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NO PARENT should ever feel like a failure raising a child.

Parenting is fulfilling and fun. It's also messy and full of stops, snags, and missteps. My philosophy as a Parent Coach and toilet-teaching expert is to understand your pain points, then help you hit your Parent Stride and maintain it.


I'll be a gentle guide on your child-rearing journey, equipping you with solutions that acknowledge, and work within, your individual parenting style and your child’s unique makeup. 

Struggling with your child's toileting?
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And now for some answers...
Check out my award-winning books featuring a proven process that will help you and your child
ditch the diapers with less stress and big success! 

"Every parent can use a compassionate sounding board when it comes to rearing their children. That's the role of a Parent Coach. That's me."

Are you ready to hit your "Parent Stride" and maintain that super confident footing at every stage of your child's development? 

My convenient Virtual Coaching Sessions have helped parents around the world develop innovative, yet practical, strategies for more confident child-rearing.

What's your current parenting challenge? Stressful child-rearing issues crop up at every age! One minute you're struggling with how to ditch diapers; next, you're searching for the right way to deal with your child's temper tantrums, sibling squabbles, tech and social media madness, and homework headaches. Ask anyone who's been there ... maintaining that confident parental footing you always imagined having isn't as easy as it seems.

Reaching out to me for help doesn't mean you've failed. In fact, I applaud you for asking! It means you want to be the best parent possible, and you're willing to explore new parenting strategies that are tailored to your specific needs.

Here's the thing: There's no one method for addressing issues like toileting and emotional outbursts. Children aren't "generic" beings. Your child is as individual as they come. You know how they think. And you've built a beautiful foundation so far as a parent. 


My approach uses what you know about your child and combines it with my expertise. I will help

you achieve greater fulfillment and ease in your role as a parent so you can nurture a child who is

self-aware, resilient, and comfortable in their own skin. 

Raise your toilet paper if you and your child are anxious about the potty. 
Get Ready for Less-Stress, Big-Success Toilet Teaching
Toss the old potty training ways in the diaper bin and let's do this.
It takes TWO to toilet successfully.
This dynamic book duo prepares you...AND your child!
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My proven POTTY MASTERY process turns everything you've been taught about potty training upside down!
No more bribes. No more frustration. No more diapers.

Let's start by changing the terminology. My proprietary process revolutionizes everything you thought you knew about toilet teaching. Instead of potty training, I call it "Potty Mastery," and here's why: By using a different label for this process, we can completely reset both your thinking and your child's. This new mindset is critical to a successful, low-stress outcome.

Next, let's cancel the idea of training altogether. Training implies that by doing something in a certain order, over and over, with rewards and corrections, something or someone will change. However, this method often leads to feelings of failure, anxiety, and stress in both the parent and the child.

My approach is unique. Your child will become a Body Boss© and they'll learn to recognize and act on their body signals. This will help them cultivate self-reliance, control, and a sense of body ownership.


When you think about it, mastering the skill of toileting is no different from mastering bike riding or learning to read. These skills aren't achieved in a weekend. You can't ride the bike for your child any more than you can pee for them! Your child is the one who will work toward the goal.


Your child doesn't need a trainer -- they need a cheerleader to support the attempts, the "almost had its," and finally, the "I did it" moments. That’s you.

What My Clients Say

Miranda M.

"I heard Joan speak on a podcast and I instantly knew that her approach is what we needed! I have a two-year-old little girl, and we hope to embark on her toilet-learning adventure soon. Her online potty class gave me lots of insight and tools to use, and I look forward to using Potty Mastery: A Child-Centered Approach to Toileting,  to continue the process. I'm feeling empowered thanks to Joan!"

Dr. Shelly Senders

"Googling the expression “potty-training” yields 77 million hits. But as a pediatrician for over 30 years, I still see just as many toileting problems. Joan showed me we've been going about the process all wrong. Her approach shifts the focus from “potty training” to “potty mastery”; where the child leads the process and the parent becomes a supporter and helper. It changes everything."

Amy Spiedel 
Master Conscious Discipline Instructor

"Joan's humor and her insight help take the anxiety out

of potty training. Potty Mastery:

A Child-Centered Approach to Toileting, focuses on empowering children in one of their very first experiences with personal responsibility and helps them learn to listen to their own body to gain control of their toileting. Plus, it’s an easy, enjoyable read!"


Hi...I'm Joan. Nice to meet you.


I know parenting is challenging, and I'm here to tell you that you don't
have to face it alone.

You've heard the saying, "It takes a village..." and it's true. In times past, young parents had all kinds of support from grandparents and other relatives. But these days, with families and friends spread across continents, sometimes child-raising can feel like a very solitary (and seriously stressful!) experience.


That's where I come in. I believe there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach or singular recipe to solve parenting challenges. Hitting your personal Parent Stride starts with understanding your particular pain points and learning about your child through your eyes. My coaching and my books — especially when it comes to milestones like toileting — speak to this philosophy.


Let's work together. I can work with you as a Parent Coach on many types of parenting challenges through my virtual sessions. For toileting issues, in addition to Virtual Potty Classes, my book, Potty Mastery: A Child-Centered Approach to Toileting, can guide you on how to prepare and support your child all the way to a successful finish!

A Bit About My Training

My educational background includes a BA in Child Development and a Masters in Education along with two Parent Coaching certifications. Since 2018, I've served as Director of Parent Education and Community Outreach for one of Cleveland, Ohio's leading pediatric practices. Previously, I served as Director of Early Childhood Services for a large non-profit agency, also in Cleveland, and I've taught in the classroom. 


While my experience as an educator has enhanced my professional knowledge, my most compelling learning has occurred within the “school of life” that comes from raising three children, as well as the life challenges that have taught me to appreciate our shared humanity.


How would you like to work together?

What Guides Me in My Work

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