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More Praise for My Potty Mastery and Parent Coaching

"I've had the privilege of using Joan’s approach to toilet mastery both as a parent and as an early childhood professional. Potty Mastery: A Child-Centered Approach to Toileting,  helped my husband and I understand that our child needed to lead the journey to toilet mastery and we were there to assist, whether it was to clean up accidents (Joan taught us that this is a natural course of the process), or to be their cheerleader offering verbal encouragement along the way. It works!”
- Liza A., Parent & Early Childhood Educator, Illinois

We appreciate Joan so much as a parent coaching resource! What a comfort it brings to know we can call on her expertise in moments of challenge with our child. Joan makes a tremendous difference in the lives of kids and families and we're definitely among them. Her expertise and encouragement as a parent coach have been such a huge help to us."
- Ellen M., Parent, Ohio

"Joan has helped both my children through phases that were foreign to me, including her Potty Mastery approach. Her techniques make so much sense and are extremely effective, but most of all, they are simple to work with! I would recommend her book or coaching to every parent. We all need a little expert help sometimes."
- Miriam M., Parent & Pediatrician, Ohio

"We have quite a collection of potty books, but Joan's books have been MUCH-needed additions. Her Potty Mastery book for us and her Diaper Doggie book for our son offer not only a fun ritual - involving my child as an integral part of the process - but they've helped us empower his transition through language and affirmations."
-Jessie L., Parent, Florida

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